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37 In 1 Sensor and Module Adapter Kit In Case
-47 % 2-3 Days
Model: MV-0274
This_x000D_ kit offers a large variety of sensors, module and adapters perfect for_x000D_ your Arduino projects. All the modules are conveniently mounted on_x000D_ break out boards so there is absolutely no soldering required. This kit_x000D_ comes packaged in a plastic storage case for easy sto..
$39.99 $74.99
CP2102 USB to TTL Converter 3.3V 5V
-50 % 2-3 Days
Model: MV-0145
This CP2102 USB to TTL converter features both a 3.3V pin and 5V pin so you can easily communicate with device with different voltage levels.Pin Connections:3.3VRST5VTXRXGND..
$2.99 $5.99
Digital Capacitive Touch Button
-80 % 2-3 Days
Model: MV-0548
This digital capcitive touch button is perfect for adding a non-physical touch button to your electronics project...
$1.00 $4.99
FT232RL USB To RS232 232 Serial Adapter
-50 % 2-3 Days
Model: MV-0285
This is the module you want if you are programming a stand alone Arduino or Pro Mini, or most variants when you need an external module. This module includes break outs for the DTR line for auto reset so there is no need to try to manual reset the Arduino when loading your program.Features:Genui..
$4.49 $8.99
Hall Magnetic Sensor Module
-50 % 2-3 Days
Model: MV-0174
This hall magnetic field sensor features both analog and digital output(led indication, non adjustable set point). Specifications:Sensor Type: Hall MagneticAO: real-time Hall signal outputDO: Digital Hall signal outputPower Supply: 3.3-5 V DCMounting Hole Diameter:  3mmSize :36 x 16mm..
$2.99 $5.99
HC-05 3.3V Bluetooth Shield
-50 % 2-3 Days
Model: MV-5011
NOTE: This is a 3.3V Shield, Only Use it with a 3.3V Arduino Variant!Tutorial Can Be Found HERE.Bluetooth Shield, a serial port Bluetooth module (Master/Slave) breakout board. You can choose ARDUINO's Digital PIN D0->D7 as Software UART to communicate with Bluetooth Shield(and D0,D1 also is Ha..
$14.99 $29.99
HC-06 Bluetooth Slave Transceiver Module
-20 % 2-3 Days
Model: MV-0405
Ever wanted to connect your Arduino or electronics project to a phone or computer over Bluetooth then this is the perfect module for you. The HC-06 bluetooth module operates in slave mode meaning the pairing process must start from another device such as your phone or computer, this does not need to..
$7.99 $9.99
Heartbeat Pulse Detection Module
-50 % 2-3 Days
Model: MV-0536
When your heart beats the volume of blood in your finger changes. By transmitting an IR light through your finger and measuring the output on the other side with a phototransistor you can detect small changes. By monitoring these changes you can determine your heartbeat or pulse...
$1.99 $3.99
Micro, Arduino Compatible Board
-57 % 2-3 Days
Model: MV-0940
>f you know Arduino's you know that it is an open sourced hardware device. This means that reference files and designs are freely provided. This means that high quality boards can be made to the exact same parts, quality, functionality, and compatibility as the official released boards. This..
$12.99 $29.99
Red LOL Shield Lots Of LEDs
-46 % 2-3 Days
Model: MV-0146
<span style="font-size: 12pt; line-height: 115%; font-family: &quot;Times New Roman&quot;,&quot;serif&quot;;">The LOL shield is a DIY LED display shield for Arduino. It features a_x000D_ 9x14 grid of LEDs that are Charlieplexed and are individually addressable. This_..
$12.99 $23.99
Sound Microphone Detection Module
-33 % 2-3 Days
Model: MV-0166
This microphone can be connected to any analog I/O port. As it detects sounds the value changes.SpecificationsPCB Size: 33.0mm X 14.0mm X 1.6mmWorking voltage:5V DCOperating voltage: 5V DCCompatible interfaces: 2.54 3-pin interface and 4-pin Grove interfaceElectrical CharacteristicsWorking voltage :..
$1.99 $2.99
TM1638 8 each 7 Segment Display, LED and Button Module
-33 % 2-3 Days
Model: MV-0574
This module contains 8 of each 7 segment displays, LED's and buttons. All of these can be driven by 3 MCU pins using the built in TM1638 LED driver.Features: TM1638 LED Driver IC Only Requires 3 I/o pins8 7 Segment Displays8 LED's8 Buttons8 Brightness Settings SupportedCan Cascade Up To 6 Module..
$9.99 $14.99
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