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12V Waterproof Temperature Controller with Acrylic Case XH-W1209

12V Waterproof Temperature Controller with Acrylic Case XH-W1209
New 2-3 Days
12V Waterproof Temperature Controller with Acrylic Case XH-W1209
This compact temperature controller module with waterproof probe operates from -50 to 110 C. The module itself runs on 12V DC but it also features a relay to switch larger loads including AC sources. This comes with a protective case to help protect your module and help shield some of the power connections.

K0 and K1: Switched Connections from Relay
12V: 12V DC Supply For The Module (Note if you want to switch 12VDC you must add a jumper to the relay switched connector)
GND: Module ground


Changing Set Temperature:
  • Press Set
  • Press + or - key to change the set temperature
  • Press Set set again to set the temperature

The module has a set of default parameters, for cooling, hysteresis, setting range and more. These are P0-P6:
  • P0 :Cooling / Heating; Range: C/H; Default: C
  • P1 :Hysteresis Setting; Range:0.1-15; Default: 2
  • P2 :Highest Setting Limit; Range:110; Default: 110
  • P3: Lowest setting Limit; Range:-50; Default: -50
  • P4 :Temperature Correction; Range:-7-7°c; Default: 0°c
  • P5: Delay Start Time; Range:0-10 Minute; Default: 0
  • P6: Key Tone Switch; Range:0-110; Default: Off
To change these settings:
  1. Press and hold the set key until P0 appears
  2. Press + or - to switch between parameter from P0-P6
  3. To change a parameter press Set key again
  4. To change the value of the parameter press + or -
  5. Press Set again to return to the parameter menu
    1. If you would like to change another parameter you can follow from step 2
    2. If you would like to return to main operation simply wait a few seconds with no input
  • LED: Relay State
  • LCD:
    • LL: Open Sensor
    • HH: Over range
    • ---: High Temperature Alarm

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  • Stock: 2-3 Days
  • Model: MV-6035
  • Weight: 0.00kg
  • Dimensions: 1.00cm x 1.00cm x 1.00cm
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