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HC-06 Bluetooth Slave Transceiver Module

HC-06 Bluetooth Slave Transceiver Module
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HC-06 Bluetooth Slave Transceiver Module

Ever wanted to connect your Arduino or electronics project to a phone or computer over Bluetooth then this is the perfect module for you. The HC-06 bluetooth module operates in slave mode meaning the pairing process must start from another device such as your phone or computer, this does not need to be handled by your Arduino. This module will be "invisible" to your Arduino, it simply operates on your serial communication pins and no additional effort is required by you.


  • Wireless serial Bluetooth communication
  • Standard Serial Connection
  • LED indicator to show state
  • Adapter plate to regulate input voltage( 3.6-6V)
  • Low power usage: Unpaired 30 MA, Paired: about 10 MA
  • Effective distance : 10M (Depending on conditions)
  • Running in slave mode, easily pair with various masters (PC, phone, etc)

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  • Model: MV-0405
  • Weight: 0.00kg
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