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 170 Tie Point Mini Solderless Prototype Breadboard
2-3 Days
Model: MV-0047
If you are building or prototyping an electronics project you need some way to connect all the components together. This solderless prototyping breadboard is perfect for designing and setting up your project. These mini breadboards are perfect when you have a small number of components and do n..
 40 Pin 2.54mm Pitch Male 90 Degree Bend Pin Header Single Row
2-3 Days
Model: MV-0149
2.54mm spacing 40 pin male 90 degree bend pin header, these are perfect if you are designing your own circuit.  These can be easily snapped apart for any number of pins. Features: Pitch 2.54mm.Connector Type: MaleNumber of Pins: 40 PinT..
 AD9850 DDS Signal Generator Module 0-40Mhz Sine and Square Wave
2-3 Days
Model: MV-0378
The AD9850 module when interfaced with the proper microcontroller is capable of generating Sine waves from 0-40Mhz and Square Waves up to 1 MHz. Pair it with your Arduino or other micro controller to make a low cost signal generator for testing or any other purpose...
 Battery Case Holder for 2 18650 Batteries With Wire Leads
2-3 Days
Model: MV-1423
This battery holder case fits 2 18650 batteries and comes with wire leads already connected...
 KRC-86B Bluetooth V4.0 Wireless Bluetooth Audio Receiver Module
2-3 Days
Model: MV-0813
<p style="margin-bottom: 0cm;"><br>KRC-86B V4.0 is based on the CSR 8630 bluetooth chip_x000D_ it is perfect for creating your own wireless speaker or headphones or_x000D_ for any other use where you need to add a bluetooth audio receiver to_x000D_ your project. It also supp..
 MAX7219 8x8 LED Matrix Display
2-3 Days
Model: MV-0148
The MAX7219 LED driver enables you to easily control easily the included 8x8 RED LED Matrix with just three digitalOut Pins from the Arduino. With available libraries that means you can easily control the 64 LEDs on this module. This three digitalOut Pins coming form the Arduino will provi..
 MG90S 9G Metal Gear Micro Servo
2-3 Days
Model: MV-0381
While our standard MG90S servo is great in many applications sometimes the plastic gears may not be enough. This servo has metal gears where a more rugged solution is needed.Specification:Operating Speed (no load): 0.11sec/60 degreesStall torque: 2.2kg/cmOperating Voltage: 4.8-6.0VTemperature Range:..
0-100V DC Powered 3 Wire Blue Voltmeter(3.3-30V 2 Wire)
2-3 Days
Model: MV-0688
This compact voltmeter is capable of reading voltages up to 100V DC when using in 3 wire mode. It is compact, features a blue display and has mounting holes on the pcb.Specifications3 Wire Measurement Range 0-100V DC2 Wire Measurement Range 3.3-30V DCOperating Current : <20mADisplay : 0.3..
0.9V-5V to 5V USB Connector DC to DC Boost Converter
2-3 Days
Model: MV-0281
This small boost converter takes a 0.9V to 5V and boosts it to 5V and outputs it to a standard female USB plug. Perfect for powering your USB devices in your electronics projects.Specifications:Input:0.9V to 5V DCOutput 5V DCSize: 34mmx16.2mmOn-board Boost ControllerOn-board Input Power LED..
1 gram test
Online Only Free
Model: 1 gram test
<p>1 gram test<br></p>..
1.25mm 2 Pin Male Female Pair JST Connector Cable
2-3 Days
Model: MV-0162
This is a set of male and female 1.25mm 2 pin connectors with attached wires. This is perfect for adding a way to connect and disconnect small components from your project. Each item is for 1 pair, you will receive one male and one female cable...
10 Pack Spring Loaded Alligator Clips With Wires
2-3 Days
Model: MV-0523
Alligator clips are perfect for making temporary connections in your electronics projects when there is no other easy way to do it. This 10 pack of alligator clips comes with an assortment of colors to help identify your connections. Each wire is approximately 18" long and features 2 wire crimp..
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